Kevin Pierro

For Kevin, helping clients to live their best lives is the ultimate compensation. Yes, we all need money to pay the bills and fund the “extras,” but what pays the soul? What truly makes us happy and gives us that gratifying sense of accomplishment and benevolence? This is the void Kevin felt when he interviewed with other firms and why he was so pleased to join Financial Independence.

Much has been said about younger generations striving for meaningful careers that they enjoy and that deliver a sense of pride. It is exactly this mindset of impacting lives in a positive way that attracted us to Kevin. He takes a holistic planning approach with clients and firmly believes that honesty and integrity should never be compromised. He believes that the wealth management and financial planning industry has historically catered to the affluent and focused more on Baby Boomers than the needs of younger generations. And with student debt at all-time highs, increasing pressure on employees to take more responsibility for their retirement, and different attitudes regarding money, the need for financial planning may even be greater for younger people.

As such, Kevin wants to revamp the traditional financial service model to align with the needs and wants of generations like his, including debt management solutions, leveraging technology to minimize costs, alternative payment plans, and a much more collaborative approach emphasizing the use of money as a tool to live a life they love. This is a group committed to finding an appropriate work/life balance, and a career they can feel good about, even if it means working through several different jobs to find it.

Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Financial Services from Bryant University. He is committed to lifelong learning and is currently completing the necessary coursework to take the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. He resides in Providence, RI and enjoys the outdoors, sports, traveling, and spending time with friends.