We believe financial well-being and personal well-being are two sides of the same coin and there is no point in having one without the other. And achieving financial independence is the direct result of balancing your goals and dreams with your financial resources. The financial complexities of today's world are daunting – preparing for retirement, investing your money, minimizing your tax bite, making sure you don't outlive your assets, paying for college, protecting your estate and those you love, and the list goes on. How to tackle these issues while still going about your daily lives can be overwhelming. Quite often, the problem is not knowing where to turn for sound and objective, professional advice – advice that will ideally provide peace of mind, financial security, and confidence while minimizing anxiety and uncertainty.



For the team at Financial Independence, nothing is more important than providing our clients an exceptional experience, one that is driven by a genuine concern for people and guided by a set of core values defining who we are.


For Rick, helping people stay on top of the many financial responsibilities of today's fast-paced and complex world is fulfilling work. He always puts his clients' needs first, approaching them with honesty and integrity. He measures success based on his ability to provide clients with peace of mind and the financial freedom to live with confidence and comfort.
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A Candid Chat with Rick Campbell, Founder of Financial Independence.


Mark has over 20 years of financial services and investment experience working with institutions, corporations and individuals. Mark greatly enjoys his role in helping people develop finer lives by solving financial problems and obstacles and getting their financial household in good order.
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Kevin Pierro

For Kevin, helping clients to live their best lives is the ultimate compensation. Yes, we all need money to pay the bills and fund the “extras,” but what pays the soul? What truly makes us happy and gives us that gratifying sense of accomplishment and benevolence? This is the void Kevin felt when he interviewed with other firms and why he was so pleased to join Financial Independence.
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As Office Manager, Steve's primary responsibilities are in the areas of human resource management, documenting systems and workflow, and implementing organizational strategies. In addition he is responsible for all marketing initiatives, office technology, and client events and communications with a perennial focus on providing clients an exceptional experience beyond their financial planning and investment activities.
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Patricia (Patti) has over 20 years of financial services and office administration experience including seven years as a financial advisor. She is steadfast in her efforts to continuously deliver exceptional service and the highest quality experience to clients. Patti views every client interaction as an opportunity to deliver an exceptional client experience.
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